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  • Stripe by stripe
    Rained on Your body.
    Crown of thorns
    Etched through Your skull.
    Arms stretched out
    Nails pierced
    Through Your limbs.
    Bones out of joint
    Staring back at You.
    Forgiveness You chose,
    To those who mocked, scourged,
    And tortured You.

    Just for another breath,
    Every ounce of strength mustered.
    Driving through the nails again and again.
    You spoke.
    Sin forgiven.
    Sinners received in Heaven.
    Broken hearts comforted.
    Families restored.
    ‘It is finished’ You said.
    Your work at the cross completed
    Once and for all.
    You handed over Your spirit.
    A beautiful exchange
    Display for all to see.
    Eternal salvation and righteousness
    Freely given to all to receive.

    What great love has descended!
    The answer clearly known.
    Can’t help but ask,
    ‘Am I really worth it?’
    In your still soft voice Jesus, You said,
    ‘ I would still have chosen to go to the cross just for you. ’

    A3 Poster
    310 gsm paper with iron-on gold fonts

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  • It all started with this verse:

    “Jesus took bread, blessed and broke it, and gave it to them. Then their eyes were opened and they recognized him and he disappeared from their sight. they asked each other, ‘were not our hearts burning within us while He talked with us on the road and opened the scriptures to us?’” (Luke 24:30-32)

    Jesus’ giving of broken bread from His nail-scarred hands – this was what ignited the recognition in the hearts of the disciples present and opened their spiritual eyes to the Saviour in front of them. These hands are memorialised on the mirrored surface that serves as a reminder of how our Heavenly Father wholly loves the imperfections we see reflected.

    Receive | 领受 is a light sculpture that begins with remembering Jesus and His finished work at the cross. Because of love, Jesus willingly went to the cross for us. It’s that easy –shan’t we just open our hands, and receive?

    The Design

    A spherical mirror of stainless steel, with the laser-cut design in stark contrast with the reflective surface it occupies. Part it down the middle, and the rounded doors swing open on their smooth hinges to reveal the secret heart – words of sacrificial love. 12-volt bulb emanating a soft yet sure light that quietly pierces through the acrylic layers. Like the light that comes with the breaking of dawn, the light of our Saviour’s love breaks through the darkness of even the hardest of hearts.

    Each piece is hand crafted by the artist, with the parts assembled individually and the mirrored surfaces polished almost obsessively to achieve the desired reflective effect.

    Material : Stainless Steel Mirror + Acrylic
    Size : 271mm Diameter x 85mm Depth
    Weight : 5 kg
    Year : 2021



    The Light Sculptures are all handcrafted hence it is not perfect and there are no identical pieces. The following are not considered as defect:

    1. Mini dents at the side of the ring. They are welding points to hold the inner rings which the acrylic is resting on. Rest assured that the dents are almost invisible.
    2. The welding points behind the nails are meant to be left raw.
    3. Hinges are hand modified, there will be traces of glue.

    We have given our best in creating the art pieces however should you feel that the above bothers you, may we suggest that you dont get them.

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